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Blue Box Group Announces Its Acquisition of Orange Cable
November 6th, 2006

Seattle, WA – For the last two months, the Blue Box Group and Orange cable have been working together to execute the transition of Orange Cable’s equipment and clients to Blue Box’s state-of-the-art data center in Tacoma, WA. As of November 4, 2006, the acquisition and subsequent move has been complete, and Blue Box would like to welcome its new clients and say a few words to those who helped bring these two companies together.

Since the beginning of 2006, Blue Box has been seeking companies with similar business practices in order to speed up its growth. The company has seen steady growth from its word-of-mouth origins to the establishment of its fine reputation in the industry, where it is now in a position to acquire like-minded companies. Now, Blue Box has acquired Orange Cable, a company that was seeking a dependable and trustworthy hosting firm to take over its customers and provide the quality of service that they had become accustomed to.

Blue Box is proud to represent such a respectable organization as the Orange Cable Corporation. For additional information about Blue Box Group Announces its Acquisition of Orange Cable, Jesse Proudman or visit

ABOUT Blue Box Group – The Blue Box Group has grown from its origins into a company that offers a vast array of services, focusing in the last three years on providing top-notch service that customers can depend upon. Staff members at Blue Box interact with their customers to provide service finely tailored to their needs.

Blue Box strives to offer the right product for each of its customers. For home users and small businesses, offerings include inexpensive and feature-rich shared hosting. For companies in need of industrial-grade performance and renowned reliability, Blue Box makes virtual servers available. Or, for customers who are concerned about security or have extreme performance requirements, Blue Box offers fully dedicated servers. Other services include domain registration as well as spam and virus filtering. The Blue Box Group is in the business of providing all the services required for its customers to run their web sites effectively.