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    Talking Programmers Needed


    I am the CTO for a marketing firm in South Florida, Pro Advertisements, Inc. Where we need programmers in a variety of languages listed below and developers.

    Languages of Interest:

    - PHP
    - AJAX (special interest of us)
    - MySQL (Primary database, other are fine)
    - ASP/.NET
    - Java, JS, etc..
    - Any of these with a mix of others is even better

    If you are interested job pays well on per-project basis. Once you become a regular programmer you will most likley be put on a weekly salary to take on various projects. This is a good career opportunity.

    What you need to be:

    - Creative
    - Have integrity
    - Dependable
    - Deliver on time
    - Communicative (english skills)
    - Good under pressure
    - Open Minded

    How to get a job:
    1) Put together a resume with references (abilities, past work, about yourself, etc...)
    2) Contact information/details
    3) References and samples
    4) You will be required once you submit these to do redesign a creative on a site of ours, upon completion you will be awarded projects.

    Contact me at any of the following:
    AIM: ezbloggin
    Yahoo: santoleo11
    Email: [email protected]
    Run with it.

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    I m interested to work with you.
    My personal contacts are :

    Gmail : [email protected]
    Yahoo : [email protected]
    MSN : [email protected]

    I can assure you the complete satisfied work in deadline.

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