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    OVER 600,000 page views per DAY! / Great Prices / Links & Banner Avalible!

    Ok I am selling adspace on The site averages around 7000 uniques/day and over 600,000 page views per day! Check out the detailed traffic stats:

    Spaces Available:
    I have several link placements for different prices to fit everyone's budget! ALL OF THE LINKS ARE DISPLAYED ON ALL PAGES INCLUDING PROXIFIED PAGES!

    Linkset #1
    At the top of the page (below the banner). Those links will also be displayed on every proxy page. (Ex: Up to 22 characters for link anchor text is allowed.

    $25 / link / month
    $45 / link / 2 month
    $65 / link / 3 month

    Linkset #2
    Footer links at the buttom of the page will be displayed on every page!

    $20 / link / month
    $35 / link / 2 month
    $50 / link / 3 month

    A 468x48 banner at the top of EVERY PAGE.

    $30 / month
    $55 / 2 month
    $80 / 3 month

    Payment Terms:
    All payments via paypal. If you have any questions just ask!

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    do you have msn? i like to talk to you

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    Are there any rotations on the banner spot?

    Is the 468x48 (468x60 is normal) a typo or will you really only accept 48 height?


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    let me know your msn so we can talk...
    Video Upload!

    Add yours !

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    I'd be interested, but how many rotating banners?

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    you don't have 7,000+ uniques daily, you have other websites leaching pictures through your proxy system. Take a quick look at your referal, they are almost all in xxx forums or foreign forums and they use your system to post pictures.

    Those stats doesn't show how many users would see our advertisement.

    It would be nice if you could add a third party's statistic service and add it to your page. That way we'll know how much 'real visitors' actually see the ads.

    Best regards,

    G Disrupting traditional file hosting.
    █ Signup Early and enjoy Unlimited space/bandwidth for your files hosting, Forever!
    █ No Ads.
    █ No Countdowns.

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    Hi guys, sorry for the late reply. To those who are interested my msn is slliksimkin at hotmail dot com

    messa, 468x60 is perfectly fine, but I'm already waiting for the payment from someone else, I'll let you know if it doesn't go throught for whatever reason.

    matrixnet, there is only one banner.

    I think I might have needed to charge more for the banner but I already posted what I posted so it's only $30 for this month.

    Googled, My proxy is diffarent. Please see what happens when they link to a picture through my proxy:

    You can still see the header and the footer!

    Thanks for your interest everyone

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    I'll take banner spot

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    Quote Originally Posted by matrixnet
    I'll take banner spot
    Sorry guys the banner spot has been sold. Please let me know if you're interested in any text links.


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    still got links avalible!

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    still got a few links avalible

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