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    My experience with

    If you're only interested in the 50,000 foot view of this review, read the next sentence...

    CommonAcre's service is worse than a man trying to get a cup of coffee at a lesbian film festival.

    The longer story, if for some reason, you care...

    That said, here's more detail. Any ticket I opened (maybe 5 in total), took at least 4-6 hours before I got an answer, and sometimes more (and that was when the tickets weren't getting "somehow deleted"). The nail in the coffin was when my server was down hard. I immediately opened a ticket about 8am saying that ssh seemed hosed and asked for a reboot. About 3 hours later, they submitted a reboot (Im guessing to his datacenter, as a console reboot wasn't working). When it didn't come back up, the (1 man) support team said that it was hosed and I could buy KVM access for $30/24 hours, and that it would take 2 hours to set that up. When I immediately replied at 7pm (down almost 12 hours at this point) that night, he finally got a reply to the ticket around 12pm the next day. The reply offered me three choices for KVM, which meant I had to wait another 3-4 hours before he would replied again. Yay! I did *finally* get my KVM around 7pm that night, and fixed the problem minutes later.

    All told, my server was down for 36 hours, but once I was given the tools promised, I was able to repair the issue in minutes.

    If you never have problems with your server, go with this company. Fast network, cheap servers. However, if something breaks, prepare to take up novel writing while waiting for replies, cause they will take a while.

    Finally, if CommonAcre feels the need to debate this review, I have included the entire contents of the above ticket into a text file.
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