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    Thumbs up Nocster Support

    Well over the past 2 days my server has been running into swap. The ram was all being used up. I knew something was wrong cause I had the same server specs at my old noc. So I contacted Matt and he looked into it. They added 256mb of ram within 5 minutes of receiving my request.

    Today I login and boom all ram used again and just about to start utilizing swap. The only thing that struck me as being different is the kernel. The old server was running redhat 7.1 with a older kernel and the new server was running 7.3 with 2.4.18-3.

    I consult with Nick (cpanel developer) and he suggests trying a kernel upgrade. So again I contact Matt and tell him the ram is all maxed again. Well without hesitation or questioning he gets a tech on my server right away. Darren updates the kernel and even warns me when he will be rebooting. Well the server is back up running a new kernel and it seems fine so far. To my suprise Darren even added the GRSecurity patch. Very nice of him considering I didn't request it.

    Throughout this whole thing Nocster staff has been there for me every step. Matt has to be the best customer service rep I ever dealt with. Not only does he take good care of customers but he even likes to joke around and have laughs with customers. I personally think strong customer relations is what can make or break a company. With employees like this I can see Nocster only expanding. More to come soon as this staff has amazed me since day 1.

    PS - They do deserve that thumbs up 100%

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    WHT is almost like a Nocster's forum to me .... with mostly positive comments. I will definitely give them a consideration when I need a second server.
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