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    Exclamation RapidSSL is now owned by thieves? Watch out if you have an existing contract.

    I've had a RapidSSL reseller account for several years. We bought a bulk purchase of certificates to get a reduced price. Prior to the purchase of the bulk certificates, we asked if there was an expiry date to the bulk certificate purchase. Here is the reply from John Burthe, from RapidSSL: (bold is added by me)
    Thank you for your email.

    If you purchase a block of 50 certificates there is no expiry. For instance, if you have 40 left at the end of the yearly contract we will happily roll them on to the next year for you.

    You can also use the certificates for renewals and for multi year certificates.
    Now, today I just receive this email from the rapidSSL rep:

    I have noticed that your bulk contract is about to expire and you still have money left in your contract. This will expire in the next couple of days and I would like to make sure you can use as much of the money as possible. You do have $xyz remaining in your account and I do not want the contract to expire with a large amount left in the account.
    So I emailed the rapidSSL rep back and sent him a copy of the email from John, which clearly states there is NO EXPIRY to the certificates I purchased previously. Here is his reply:

    You may have heard on the news that Verisign has acquired GeoTrust at the beginning of September and therefore now own RapidSSL. They have now taken our access away from the system and will not allow contracts to be extended any longer. Before this time we could always request the contract to be extended until the amount on that contract had been used. However, the situation has changed and from now contracts will only last for 12 months.

    What we can do is discount a new bulk pack to compensate for the amount left in the old contract.

    This is what I can propose -
    (He makes an offer where I can purchase more bulk certificates at a price of $15 each, and use the existing amount left in my contract as a sort of credit. Basically, I would have to spend $750 in order to "save" what is left in my contract which was not supposed to expire.


    I am pretty shocked by this. RapidSSL has always appeared to be a good company, and I've never had even one problem with them over several years.

    It's too bad they have been purchased by crooks, who are not going to honor existing contracts.

    I have not ruled out the RapidSSL rep's offer, but I will be looking at alternatives to rapidSSL. I don't like doing business with any company that goes back on their promise and contracts, even if it's "because" they were bought by someone else. Whomever negotiated this sale of rapidSSL should have states all existing contracts should be 100% honored.

    Bad bad bad business rapidSSL.
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    Ive personally never liked verisign, the have always been known to be shady with their domain registry practices. I knew they bought out rapidssl, but thats to bad that they are bringing down down that company as well.

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    That is very bad, the new owners should have been made aware of, and agreed to honour any existing agreements (such as this) between the company and the clients.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrzippy
    Bad bad bad business rapidSSL.
    Too bad, really amazing.

    Thanks God we didn't sign the contract with them and at the end decided to go with Thawte.

    Thanks for sharing this, mrzippy.

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    Yeah, this is a big shock. I've been using those guys for years, to hear they went over to the verisign darkside it will be interesting to see how the service will deteriorate...

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    Depending on the terms of the contract you may have legal recourse. Companies are usually liable for prior contractual agreements when they purchase another entity. Have you tried contacting Verisign?
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