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    Thumbs up is web hosting in boom


    Is really webhosting people making lot of money? what are the minimum requirements to star the business?

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    Don't work for money. Work for passion...Only then, you can provide good support to your clients.

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    A good business plan isn't about passion, it's about reasoning, you'll need passion later when things are settled already

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    let me tell minimum requirements for a small business

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    There's a section Running hosting business, if you search there, you'll find some threads about it. And there was aother one where Very Experienced members told how their business started.

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    Before starting your business you have to define exactly what you want (I mean what your aims are), and then find the necessary hosting for your needs.

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    Starting any business is not for everyone. My dad and my grandfather both had businesses...and I believe I have finally found a nice little niche to do my own.

    No..not all hosts make money. In fact..I think there are too many hosts doing the same thing...plain Jane cpanel/whm hosting. No special features..nothing different.

    I believe in this market you must do something different..or you will not succeed...but hey..that's my opinion.

    Yes..the internet bubble is cranking up for version 2.0 . Sadly..I see the same things happening that happened before..I guess some people simply never learn.

    You can find tons of good advice in various parts of this board..just start listening..and taking notes.

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    Individual owns a web site in the futer just like every one has a identifition card right now. I think there will be huge market there. But want to make money from web hosting, there are many ways, you can help the web hosting company sells their web hosting package, or you can own your web hosting company, and the prior one should not take too much money, $200 should be enough. And the only thing you need is passion.
    If you want to create your own web hosting company, please prepare $1,000,000 at least.

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    vyam, are you good in linux?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vyam

    Is really webhosting people making lot of money? what are the minimum requirements to star the business?
    You can earn big money if you do big job

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    The bottom line in web hosting, is you have to learn from your me you will make them. The industry is changing everyday, so innovative minds are great to make money. You want to differentiate yourself from the billions of web hosting providers out there. There is money to be made, and one thing is certain, the web hosting inudstry is not going to die down anytime soon
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    Man akes the business, business doesn't make the man.

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    If you are good at running a buisness and good at running a Hosting buisness, then you will make money, you need both .

    Don't start if you don't have time, Money and Drive.
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    Either do something that nobody is doing an offer that,

    Or do what everyone is doing spectacularly well.

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    Or find a market that has the freedom to enter! Our business started by hosting local businesses' websites! Hundreds of them out there!
    It's a Savage Universe out there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by webhostingclue
    If you want to create your own web hosting company, please prepare $1,000,000 at least.
    lol, thats a bit steep dont you think?
    In reality you can start a hosting company for a few grand, start off with a basic server and a decent connection and off you go.

    No ones going to need 1mil, you start off small (really small if money is limited ) and expand as you grow, a 1grand server could run well more then 50 accs so you dont need to upgrade till you get close to that many.
    I was even told by a sales guy last week, you could easily run a hosting service off a 10meg symmetrical line and thats less than 100 a month (dont know if this is right) if not a 500meg symetrical line is 530p/q.

    As you can tell, i am looking into this myself and am currently running a test server from home to get realllly comfy with all the needed stuff . Hopefully i will be up and running just after xmas.

    Please do correct me if im wrong, but from my understanding so far a server and dedicated line its only going to be 2g'ish then incude expenses, 5g is more than enough for a start


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