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    looking for a cheap host for phpBB2

    i dont plan to be very high traffic, because it would be a clan site. I would like the price to be around 5 dollars monthly, a domain name wouldnt be needed. Just need the basic needed for a PhPBB2 clan site and i will make some other pages. Cost is important. i was looking at:

    anyone know anyone better, or anything about ehost?

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    I must say for $5.75 you sure get a lot: Storage Space 500 MB
    Bandwith 50 GB.

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    Impressive looking plan. They even have a toll-free customer support number (for normal business hours only). 30 day money back guarantee, 99.9% uptime guarantee.
    I did a search, and only found 2 posts on them, neither of them very useful.

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    Hi agentneo ,

    I just sign up ,

    server speed is fast , server use 1GB RAM , and price is Good ...

    can test ...........

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