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    Rack911: A godsend for years!

    Rack911: A Godsend for years!

    A few years back myself and a project I was working on got ushered into a dedicated a tad too fast for our liking. The migration was due to attacks -- ddos/syn floods, etc.

    I ended up with several servers and with some very minor *nix experience under the belt: I was unwilling to chance the project on my hands!

    With so many complex daemons needing to operate flawlessly with each other and the fear of script kiddies, crackers and bugs I ran to the one place I could: Rack911!

    I first went to Steven during an incoming dDoS back in early 2004. He logged into the server and had the connections handled immediately.

    Without even asking he checked a number of other things on the server and gave me a fairly thorough list of things that were needing to be taken care of.

    I had him handle the upgrades and for beyond modest fees he's been handling all of my boxes (I've been through 30 odd now! and have a fleet of 4 dual xeons currently operating) ever since.

    He stays on top of things well outside of the scope of his support: He even tends to let me know a few weeks ahead of time when certain software upgrades on the server's are going to take place.

    No matter the issue he resolves it within minutes of logging into a server. While every so often I've had a little trouble getting in contact with him due to some random issues (generally my own or his ticket desk) he is the only one I go to when I need things done on my servers.

    Note: He also got a little friendly blackberry that guarantees an almost instant response I like to annoy him frequently.

    Just recently he assisted me in migrating the data on two servers to another two in another location. Not only did he perform the migration as requested but he assisted me with quite a bit of preparation as well as performing thorough audits and security upgrades on the two servers I was migrating to.

    Steven's quality, knowledge of security and thoroughness is second to none.

    I wouldn't trust anyone else and I hope he's around for years to come so I can annoy him as a satisfied client!
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    Steven/Rack911 did a great job for us as well, many times.

    Every time we run into complications - he is #1 guy for challenging jobs

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