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    Who is can trust?honest?tricky?

    Who is can trust?
    Who is honest?
    Who is tricky?
    +fast live support or fast email support
    +good up-time guarantee


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    Your specifications? (amount of storage space / bandwidth and for what use?) If you can go into detail then I can recommend a few providers to you.
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    Five Reseller Hostings in the listed below, who is can trust?
    Who is honest?
    Who is tricky?

    1 -
    2 -
    3 -
    4 -
    5 -

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    Sorry for unclear question.
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    We are working with Hostdime and glad from their services. Surpass Hosting is a member of the HostDime. Good luck.
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    What does price mean for you?

  6. #6 isn't bad one. My partner worked with them and he was glad with their service.

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    Can you tell if you need a reseller plan or not? type of the operating system?
    bandwith? any other specs?
    You can't operate the notions "tricky" and "honest", you'll need exact characteristics here.

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    Have you tried looking for reviews on these hosts you mentioned here on WHT? If not, try that. I am sure you can find alot of information that will basically answer your question for you. As far as reliability, support and good uptime, those all come with a good price. I would suggest not shopping around for the cheapest, but look at the quality of service and such before you base your choice on price. Good luck
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    1 -
    That's not a reseller account. Although you are allowed to resell the space, it remains just a shared hosting account.

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