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  1. #1 = $5 dollars one domain!!!! (retail)

    And I found another company offering for limited time a great deal:

    $5 dollars one domain!!!! (retail price)

    I just registered one with them.

    whois privacy included

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    I am not sure how they do this. I bet they loose money on those domain only deals.

    Just out of interest did you buy just the domain itself or any hosting services with it ?
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    just the domain !!!!

    the host is somewhere else!!! I swear, I did the same with ipowerweb, I have the domains witht hem and the host somewhere else!!!!!

    You know what?

    I imagine that their profit is going to come also from renewals!!!!

    Also, you feel kind of tempted to host with the same company that registeres your domain, I guess that's an important reason for low registration prices!!!

    Oh yes, and they have whos is privacy for the same price!

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