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    What happened to Nodehosting ?

    I was wondering if anyone heard from tech support from Nodehosting lately ?

    The server in which my NT shared hosting was suffering from numerous downtime and the tech support managed it could be the control panel and would move me to a new server and that was on the June 10th. After that, the problem occured, nothing
    moved and I dropped numerous ticket at their helpdesk.

    Because of the downtime, it was really bad for business so I moved my site to a new host which is working beautifully. But having done that, tried a few times to get in contact with Nodehosting to cancel my account but have not heard from them since the 10th.

    Anyone knows what happened to them ?

    Kindda scary. Why must all these keep happening to me.

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    Have you tried calling? 1-866-6-Host-Me

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    Not yet. I am in Singapore so it makes it a little difficult to call
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    Hmmm maybe you have a string of bad luck? I did, but now everything seems to be picking back up.
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    Dear Nodehosting Customers & and Associated Parties

    Nodehosting's CEO/President Frank Arena has been under alot of personaly issues his son has undergone surgery for tetrology of fallot which has consumed the majority of his time our previous technical staff were not performing to the excellence we expected we have hired new technical staff members and guarantee a quick turnaround we apoligise for the downtime, absence of support things will be changing within the next couple days.

    Nodehosting Systems Administration

    [email protected]

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