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Thread: expired domains

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    expired domains

    Lets say you came across a domain you liked .. but uh-oh its already been registered but its "expired" but it says this Registrar Status: redemptionPeriod, can you like do a backorder on the domain and then get it and will it keep its same year or like if it was registed in 2005 and you backorder the domain then will it show up still as 2005 or will it show up as 2006? also what does backorder mean? that puts your order so when the domain comes available you get it instanly? what are the odds of you getting the domain when it clears though?

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    a domain is usually in Redemption Period for 30 days. The existing owner can still get it out of redemption by paying the registrar's Redemption Fee. after the 30 days are up it goes into a Pending Delete status for 5 days. After 5 days it will drop. For some background reading on backordering, please read this thread...

    Where is the domain registered and what tld is it?
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    If your domain expired you may have it back (backorder) during 30 or 40 days. It depends on the registrar (their TOS).

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