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    can anyone recommand me a new host?

    i'm thinking getting a reseller account for hosting mutiple sites..just for my own use. they are all new sites with no traffic, i'll would like to start out small, than upgrade my plan to a more advance one.

    -150mb web space

    -10gb monthly bandwidth

    good uptime, speed, support, under $10

    i'm hosting static pages, a forum, and a photo gallery.

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    I also need advice on hosting

    I also want to host multiple domain, for my own resellera good option or host with the option of multiple domains?

    someone recommended Steadfast networks ....Anyone used that..anycommenst about their customer support and attitute towards customers..

    as i feel u can have problem with anyone, but more imposrtant is how does seller deals u in the problem....

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    The ones which I can recommend would include f.e. is (ask for William or Bill). I am hosting with them for over 3 years.

    Where in the US would you like to host (or perhaps outside) ?
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    May I ask you why do you want a reseller account instead than a multimple domain account?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedito
    May I ask you why do you want a reseller account instead than a multimple domain account?
    cuz i have someone to update my main page, and if i only have one account for everything , he can easily mess with other settings, which i don't feel safe that way. ( i don't know him in person, we met on a forum),

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    I suggest you check out the offers thread in this forum and start from there.
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    You can set separated FTP accounts for each site if that's your concern, however, I understand you
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    Each account would have its own folder in the FTP. You should just consider getting a shared hosting account with multiple domain availability

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    ok, i'll consider share hosting first, thanks everyone

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    You may buy a shared hosting which allow to host multiple domains. It's cheaper than reseller. You can create FTP accouts for your each site. Good luck.
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    i currently host with hostgator, there reseller packages are well priced. and thereserive is good. But i doubt you need a reseller for 150mb of space. Im sure just a shared account will do.

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    There are plenty of shared website hosting providers that allow you to have multiple cPanel logins/accounts/etc. just like a reseller account would (aka, they give you access to WHM which allows one user to create and control multiple cPanel accounts for multiple websites). Companies such as AxisHost and Dotable specialize in this type of hosting (please note that there are many many more and you could spend literally hours/days doing searches on/for these companies). There are also a true plethora of shared hosting companies that offer “addon domains” which would also allow you to host multiple websites under one account (without the need for WHM). As mentioned above, for addon domains, you can still limit FTP access, etc.


    The same information that I gave to cxcx applies in your case as well. As for Steadfast, I have read plenty of good things about them here on these forums. Just do a search on the company and there are numerous testimonials, comments, etc. from their clients. By doing a little search you can get a real sense of their attitude towards their customers, the level of service they offer, and more.

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