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    DNS problem with Canaca

    Hi All,
    I recently signed up for a VPS package with - I have my domains registered with a different registrar -
    Now, I provided the NS.CANACA.NET and NS2.CANACA.NET as my DNS servers info for my domains registered with It has been more than 24 hrs.
    If I try to ping my domains on my XP computer all I get is "ping Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again." uses VHCS as the control panel. I opened up the firewall for my assigned IP to "accept everything". I am still not having any luck trying to get my domain names point to my newly assigned IP.

    Is there any Canaca users out there who have are experiencing the same problem?? please help.

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    Have you arranged for Canaca to host your DNS? It is quite different getting a VPS and getting an entire managed package including DNS etc. Most of the time you will need to setup the DNS yourself using your VPS.

    Anyway this should be better in the Technical Forum. Moved.

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    Well, that is something I am still trying to figure out whether I need to run my own DNS or not... as you may or may not know Canaca does not provide a lot of documentation or help (like a support forum or anything).... I sent an email to their tech support on friday night...and still waiting to hear back. Hopefully, it will happen tomorrow - monday:-)

    You might be right about setting up my own DNS - may be that 's the area I need to focus on. Now, canaca provided two DNS IP addresses in their initial email when I signed up. This would be my first time setting up a DNS -- any useful resources would be very helpful.

    I have Debian 3.1 as my OS - BIND as my DNS. Two DNS ip addresses provided by Canaca. Also, one static IP assigned to my server. As I explained previously, two domain names registered with

    Please provide me a sample BIND config file or any tutorial website would be very useful. I supposed I should also confirm with Canaca whether this is what I need to do....

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Well I'm glad I found other people who are having the exact same problem as me. I have looked absolutely everywhere but I can't get the exact answer I need to resolve this issue.

    VHCS.NET has a support forum and this is a popular question on there, the support is not exactly the best. I have searched almost every forum on the net and have yet to find the answer

    BTW that was an exaduration but still, I have done a lot of looking up and I have found nothing. I find it hard to believe that it can be this difficult to set something like this up.

    Any help with resolving this issue would be grately appreciated.

    From what I was told for editing, you have to go into your VPS control panel, go to File Manager, go through the following directories

    I don't have the original code but I will try and supply a blank edit without my info so it isn't confusing.

    ===BEGIN FILE EDIT=====================================

    $TTL 86400
    @ IN SOA ns1.{Your Domain}. root.{Your Domain}. (
    ; dmn [{Your Domain}] timestamp entry BEGIN.
    ; dmn [{Your Domain}] timestamp entry END.
    1D )
    IN NS ns1.{Your Domain}.
    IN NS ns2.{Your Domain}.
    ; dmn [{Your Domain}] dns2 entry BEGIN.
    NS {Your Domain}.
    ; dmn [{Your Domain}] dns2 entry END.
    IN MX 10 mail.{Your Domain}.
    {Your Domain}. A {Your DNS 1 IP}
    ns1.{Your Domain}. IN A {Your DNS 1 IP}
    ns2.{Your Domain}. IN A {Your DNS 2 IP}
    {Your Domain}. IN TXT "v=spf1 a mx ip4:{Your DNS 1 IP} ~all"
    mail IN A {Your DNS 1 IP}
    www CNAME {Your Domain}.
    ftp CNAME {Your Domain}.
    ; sub [{SUB_NAME}] entry BEGIN.
    ; sub [{SUB_NAME}] entry END.

    ===END FILE EDIT=====================================

    When you put your information where applicable, please remember to remove the {} brackets

    They said that this was correctly done, with the info that I put in for my own domain and IPs, however I get an error on my domain manager while setting up name servers for the domain to point to.

    The guy I was talking to said that I should do the following

    First ADD the nameservers for your domain and there you define

    Code: with ip with ip

    To do that you must do this:
    1. look after Host Summary
    2. click on View/Modify Detail and then in the new window add ns1 and ns2 with the corresponding ip's.

    I am stumped on where Host Summary is and how I can view/Modify Details to add the name server information. If this resolves my problem then I will be the happiest guy alive lol.
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