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    can anyone tell me if there is any maintainance that needs to be done on the raq? like do i have to empty out email log files. I'm guessing there is web server log files also.
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    I remember a week ago there was a threat about this.
    Basically you have to delete the log files of Apache and touch that file to make an empty one.

    Some times log file become a size of more than a gig, and that way reduces system performance

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    Yes exactly as what Fiberoptic said. Logs are Raq's greatest threat. Logs are evil on the Raq.

    And make a routine walk over to /var/spool/samba to take a look.

    You might also want to take alook at the /tmp partition once in a while and look for huge files sitting there for no apparent reason.

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    anything else to watch out for?
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