Hello WHT members.
I've seached and seached but it's so hard to find a good provider.. so i asked a few friends + some reviews here in WHT.
Im not a newbie but i had som big time problems with some providers before and dont want to make the same misstake, money was never an issue from my side.
First, im looking for a dedicated server , location should be in europe and speeds is a must (it's speeds what im looking for) stable as it could be. Budget is not a problem, i can put for a server whatever it takes , but only if i can find a reliable one. I've heard much about softlayer , but they only have servers in the states and 1and1 in the uk wich only provides for the uk people, so there is only one left leasyweb but i dont know anything about them, anyone who have/had any servers and would like to share information on them or can give me some info on how they are?
Or any other suggestions?
Thank you and best regards.
Ps: Admins/Mod's, dont know if this is the right place for this thread, if not i do apologize.