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    QUALITY Unique Layouts - Coded - Low Pricing!

    Alrightie guys, I'm back with another humongous sale! First up is (domain), temporary layout, coded final layout

    • domain name - 9 months left at least, registered at
    • Temporary Layout - basic code and .PSDs
    • Coded Layout - CSS and xHTML valid, PSDs and all other files included
    Buy this ALL for just $35!

    Tutorial Zoom

    Low price due to dodgy coding: $15

    Death By Tech

    Extremely low price for a high quality layout! $15

    FPS Zone

    All for the low price of $20!

    Alpha Clan Layout

    Extremely low price of just $10!

    If interested, please PM me or add me to MSN Messenger: [email protected] - payments are all via paypal.


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    Jonathan Nathanson - freelance website designer

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    Layout Added to sale:

    Fully Coded Hosting Design

    Hosting design fully coded - PHP includes for easy editing. PSDs, HTML (.PHP), all files included.

    Unique price of just $40 !

    Jonathan Nathanson - freelance website designer

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    Tutorial zoom - sold.

    (sorry for tripple post wont let me edit previous one now)

    Jonathan Nathanson - freelance website designer

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