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    Newbie Namesever questions

    Hi all, I am having a problem with a friend's domain I am hosting on my new dedicated server. I'm just wanting to see if I'm missing somthing in setting things up. Here are the pertinant details:

    I recenlty purchased (leased actually) a dedicated server which uses CPanel (which I'm also new to). I have a number of domains myself registered through Dotster. Lets call my main domain "" and others "," "," etc... My main IP address is like XX.XX.XX.X10
    So I set up name servers as follows: IP: XX.XX.XX.X11 and IP: XX.XX.XX.X12

    I registered these name servers with Dotster by going to my main domain and selecting "register nameserver" then I entered the above info and it said registration was completed successfully. I then added these two domain name servers to all my domains.

    I also am hosting a friends domain on my server. Lets call his domain "" His domain is also registered with Dotster and he added my nameservers to his dotster account for his domain. Everything seems to be working fine for me, but for my friend, he has trouble getting to his web site at "" Sometimes, if he goes to he gets "Unable to Open Page", but if he leaves off the "www" and just goes to his page opens ok.

    In setting up domains and nameservers, is there anything I may have left out that might be causing this problem? Why would he be able to get there one minute and not the next? And why would leaving off www. make a difference. We have tried different browsers with im and cleared cahce, deleted temp internet files, etc., but the issue persists. I'm just wondering if there is something I may be overlooking in setting up the nameservers? (Or somethign else)?


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    sometimes dns resolution is about 24*72 hours but to make it faster you can edit dns refresh rate

    Do tot he WHM and Edit DNS ZOne select your friends domain name and wrtie tı the refresh rate 7200 and save it.
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    I always wonder why the heck people are renting dedicated servers if they don't know anything how things are working...

    To answer your question, just add anything like: IN CNAME

    (note all dots here!!!)

    to your friend's domain's zonefile.

    Easy? It is.

    P.S. Don't forget to get a sysadmin ASAP!!!
    Respect My Authoritah! - Eric Cartman (a friend of mine).

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