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    Creating flash menu

    What is the best software to create a flash menu?

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    The DHML Menu from is quite easy to use. The DHML Menus are very attractive too.

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    They asked about Flash menu though now DHTML

    I personally don't like flash in websites unless a) its for a banner/header b) its for some sorta of game/video player etc or b) the website it for a graphic design company who wants to show off their skills

    As for a Flash Menu builder, I am unsure. I'm only dabbled in flash a little bit and that was using Flash 8 Pro.
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    I heard search engines do not like flash menus as they cannot crawl them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ITAhmed
    I heard search engines do not like flash menus as they cannot crawl them.
    yeah, it's true. Although some claim they make flash that are crawable. I doubt their claim though... :p - Never pay more for your logo!

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    I myself do not like flash menu as they sometimes do not work properly in my Opera browser.

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