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    My NIGHTMARE with SelectByte!


    I bought a Dedicated server from SelectByte Servers, and at first the server wasn't install correctly when they put it online. So for 12 days my server was down. I issued a paypal chargeback see below: Image at

    So then after this it took me another 2 days to get him to fix it, so I closed the case when it was fixed. So then he said I gave the server to a friend of mine (which I never did.) for an excuse to change my server root password. Which I never gave him the root password, he had to squeeze the password out of a friend of mine. See log below:

    Log provided by my friend Otto.

    (7:51 PM) Camron: u changed root password on the celeron?
    (7:51 PM) -OY-: Who do you think
    (7:51 PM) -OY-: is crossing the line
    (7:51 PM) -OY-: what celeron?
    (7:51 PM) Camron: the celeron dan gave u
    (7:51 PM) Camron: cus i dont want him to get in
    (7:51 PM) Camron: and screw network
    (7:51 PM) Camron: or w/e
    (7:51 PM) -OY-: uhhh
    (7:51 PM) -OY-: its an******
    (7:52 PM) Camron: kk

    So then after I told him he better change my password back or I'll file another chargeback he finally changed it back, and I found out he had uninstalled mysql/apache webserver so I couldn't use the server. I told him to asked him to fix the server, and he refused saying it's unmanaged, which is false because he told me at first the server is managed when I was buying it.

    Never EVER use selectbyte and go through the nightmare I did, NEVER!
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