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    Shift to Windows to handle better CMS?

    Hello Guys,

    One of our clients is a huge forum and now needs to be moved to multiple servers if it needs to be kept running. We are currently running linux variants. But as the site grows and the needs for the site grow, they are now looking to use .net cms systems.

    Firstly, does vbulletin scale as well with windows as it does with linux? I realize the costs will go up dramatically, but I would like to hear the opinions of others who might have done something similar

    Secondly, are .net CMS really far better than php ones? I realize this is a newbie kind of a question - but I dont have much experience with windows servers and cms'

    Any insights would help


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    Since vBulletin is only compatible with the MySQL database system and I have always felt that the linux versions run better then the Win32 versions of PHP and MySQL.

    The .NET framework makes integrating third party systems into a .net CMS simple and straightforward, allowing data to be reused for many tasks.

    Some good reading:

    Bs sure to compare @

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    Thanks for the info sitekeeper. Are there are any performance metrics of how vBulletin performs under .NET? From what I've read the .NET framework helps a lot in making the CMS perform as per your needs and is much more easily programmable.

    My concern is that if .NET scalability is low for VBulletin then I'd end up servicing a cluster of machines. Any leads on that front?

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