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    Add Scripts

    I'd like to invite all of you that are selling your programs and scripts to submit them to

    All will be approved within 24 hours. Just don't use dynamic urls, ie urls with a "?" or a "=" in them.

    No need to register, just click enter when prompted.

    Hope this is the right place for posting this.

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    Interesting, how do you expect to compete with Hotscripts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FR-Alex
    Interesting, how do you expect to compete with Hotscripts?
    Does he have to?

    Testing 1.. Testing 1..2.. Testing 1..2..3...

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    I don't even have the ambition to compete with Hotscripts. Just offering a chance to promote your resource. Just hit enter when prompted to register, copy and paste the description and url, and I will approve it very soon.

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    Nice site, i like the design.

    You should make a section for services - CMS Hosting, eCommerce etc.

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    Very interested in this suggestion. Should I put it under the broad category of
    "Services" or perhaps "Hosting"?

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    I just want to add that I have modified the script running the site, you can now you dynamic urls for your link, and now when you submit a resource, you will get four SEO friendly URLs on your resource page. Most script sites use something click ?phplick=url etc.

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