Attention Hosting Providers!

MailShield has published it's domain filtering pricing. Usually this is done on a quote basis only. However we are confident that with the cluster of servers in place we can meet everyone’s needs.

Pricing is beneficial for web hosting providers who are having trouble dealing with spam management for their domains due to spam assassin not cutting it!

Stop your problems and outsource your management to us! We have a number of high profile clients on board and are able to process your emails in only a few seconds and deliver them to your users without any complaints or problems.

Domain Filtering Packages Include

* Logins for Administrators of your webhost - no limit on admins!
* Live MailFlow Queue - watch your customers email flow live!
* Current Reporting - Run reports on customers / emails / subjects plus more!
* Complete Management for blacklist/whitelist for each of your clients domains and user blacklist/whitelist if you choose to enable that feature!
* Turn on/off filtering for particular domains and also set the level you wish to capture!
* Custom footers for the bottom of emails in or out with your own choice of wording. Or this can be disabled completely.
* Every email is processed by our 4 anti-virus software engines. Which we receive updates hourly for if there is a outbreak protection is a must!
* No more waiting for servers to catch up with the email queues because of high volumes of junk email or virus outbreaks each batch of messages takes about 6 seconds to process and deliver.
* Plus much more!

Drop your bandwidth costs by stopping the mail before its gets to you, about 60% of email processed today has been spam/virus related. Imagine dropping 60% of your total email bandwidth over a month you can save quite a few dollars!

Please see the pricing schedule below. If you have any questions or custom configurations you wish to discuss we are more than happy to talk to you and discuss your options.

MailShield Domain Filtering Pricing