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    [Sale] Premium Design w/Coding Services - Must See!

    If you've been looking for a new design for your website and/or online community, here's you chance to snag one for less than the cost of most custom design solutions!

    The design is unique and has not previously been offered for sale or sold. The design comes complete with a custom designed logo specifically for the design and is in PSD format.

    Coding services will be offered free of charge to the buyer. Coding services will cover website coding and vBulletin Style coding.

    Asking Price: $500

    The asking price will cover full rights to the design and complete coding services.

    Have a Question? Comment?

    Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. I will be more than happy to answer any questions regarding the design or the offer.

    Offers may be made in this thread, though I am looking to sale the design as a complete package deal for the above mentioned asking price.

    Design Preview:

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    ...from my e-mail box

    Are you willing to accept less than $500?

    Offers are free to be made via this thread or through my e-mail box.

    How long will the coding process take?

    The time-frame for such would depend on what the buyer needs done. Typically, coding will take no longer than 24-48 hours. We are offering both coding for website and vBulletin.

    Will you offer modification of the design?

    I am willing to work with the buyer to integrate the design to their liking. If this requires further modification, I will be open to such modification .

    What about the Domain?

    If the buyer would like to purchase the domain name, we will include the domain name in the offer for $10.00.

    I will continue to update the thread as any other questions are received.

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    So, you're going to design it from scratch.. Or are you selling the template that you have on preview?

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    The design listed in the original post is the design that is for sale at this time. I am simply clarifying questions sent in via e-mail in regards to whether or not customization of the design is available .

    I am available to customize the design to an extent, so long as it is not a full redesign as it would defeat the point of the sale .

    Minor customization, HTML changes and so forth will be offered to the buyer free of charge. The coding alone is free and is the choice of the buyer (i.e. website, vbulletin or both).

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