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    First Custom PC Spec planning

    Hello, i plan to order Custom build PC sinc ei have little of no experience of building PC sinc ei know how to put in more RAM or installing new graphic card which left me with 2 weeks nightmare cause it was "defective" but i sure i did the damage on it which i lef to local shop to do teh job anyway.

    Well i want to order Custom build PC and my budget is somewat over 2K pounds, and waiting until neext Spring so i can get Vista system.

    So i would like to have idea of wat spec is best for me since my current rig is over 4 yrs old and need to be replace soon.

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    Ask closer to when you plan the build. AMD and Intel will have better products on the market so any reccommendation you get now will be outdated.
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    I agree with Pixelized. AMD and Intel are both going to release their Quad core CPUs sometime soon

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    wate for vista, due to graphics card are going to chagne and DDR3 i hear comes out next year

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    Next spring is far to far away to be planning now. Prices will be lower and there will new hard drives and graphics cards around and you will be able to consider quad core depending on what other components you need to be high end.

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