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    [WANTED] Arcade Template - Coded for GSS & GS

    Hello Everyone!!

    Im looking for a Template that has the SAME LAYOUT as

    Along with that Im wanting the template the be inter-changable with colors (I want a Blue Version, Red Version, and Green Version).. The template should be coded for both GSS and GS (I can do the coding but would prefer a Proffessional to do it

    My budget is fairly flexible but I do have a set price Im looking to not go over..

    I prefer to have atleast 1 mockup/ color completed before I choose your company.. Payments are to be made via Paypal and I will pay on a PER Color/Templatee basis -- if you finish 1 template, I'll pay for one, if you finish 2, I'll pay for 2, etc..

    Key Thing to keep in mind:
    1.) Same Layout as
    2.) multiple colors with 1 color theme each
    3.) Coded for GSS and GS (not a must but is preferred)
    4.) I'll pay only when I am satisfied with that template.
    5.) Please show me the Template of what your doing for me; NOT YOUR PORTFOLIO!

    Also, These template(s) will be included in my Arcade Guide V2 and I will give the person / company a copy of my guide AS WELL AS putting it to work as a token of my thanks..

    Thanks Alot!

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    Starting on a mockup today!

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