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    Domain masking/forwarding

    Ok, here's the situation. I've made a friend of mine a subdomain, which currently simply redirects to his site. My question is is there anyway that I can mask the url in a way that if accessed from that subdomain, the url will be instead of Meaning that as the visitor moves around the site, the is replaced by

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    Yes, you need a dns server that does frame forwarding.

    eNom does this free for its resellers.
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    I am not sure, but I think that it can be done programmatically with iFrame etc...

    What I know is that if you register a domain name, most of the well-known registrars offer free masking, ie if your friend buys a domain he will be able to redirect his site to your subdomain, without showing to people that comes to your site...

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    You should be able to do it with IFRAME as mentioned. The code here should be sufficent for your needs.

    HTML Code:
          src =""

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    JVS, not exactly.

    He wanted the address in the URL bar to show the filename of the redirected page.

    the url will be instead of

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