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    Question How to auto backup Mysql database ?

    I wounder if there is a way to backup mysql database , daily or every 6 hours.

    Like forum database.

    Any idea ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Sure. Check out

    Their auto backup script is easy to use and will backup 1 or all databases based on a cron. It is designed for daily backups. But I have 2 version and run one at 9am and one at 6pm for 2 backups.

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    @ the z0ne
    yes really its a very easy script I used to use it ... also u can configure it to make backups for more than one DB at a time and y0 can even make it send the backup to a remote mail or even server ...

    Dont forget to put it in the crontab and set it for a Six hours backup is good if y0 dont have lots of traffic on the Server and the load on it is nice

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