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    * managed dedicated server

    We have a reseller account and want upgrade it to a managed dedicated server. The Features of the server which we'll buy is below:

    P4 2.8 w/HT 1MB Cache,
    1GB DDR Ram,
    2x120 HDD,
    1500GB Bandwith,

    Can we host 300 domains on this server without a problem(we'll use 20 GB space and 30GB bandwith per month in total. The most of the sites are html based)?
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    what is the cost of the server and what dc?


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    This maybe a stupid question, but why would you need 2x120 hardrives and 1500 bandwidth if you are only going to use 20gig space and 30gig?

    Surely a server with 80gig hardrive and 1000gigs bandwidth would be cheaper and you could still grow.

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    the short answer to your question is yes. 1GB is a minimum for RAM, but hosting 300 static sites on that setup shouldn't be a problem. RAID1 on those drives would be a good idea as well.
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    What about eour budget?

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    Check out:
    Maybe it'll suit you.

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    also, will you be running any mail server on the same server in future? You say "most of the sites are html based", I assume there will be few running dynamic web content as well which you may need to install mySQL and other services such as DNS..etc

    If you are putting all the above inside in one box, the box may or may not be able to handle. It will all depends on those hosted sites usage.
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    300 static sites would be ok for this server but check out any of these sites are having too many http connections or not if some of the sites have heavy sql usage or using too much exim than you may face client complaints P4 HT is quite food server we have many clients are using it and not much heard that they had issues also 2nd HDD is always a safety factor that you can keep your backups in case of hdd failures

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    As already stated 300 static sites mainly html should run perfectly fine, however you may end up running into connection issues possibly. As such you should look into adjusting your apache settings as well as possibly getting an additional 512MB or 1GB ram if the system seems to begin to slow down at all or become unstable.

    Keep in mind the specs you provided should handle quite a bit without a major issue, it's more so a matter of configuring the system properly so it will be optimized (as you're on a single cpu instead of dual).
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    You too compare the statistical report for your reseller account so that you will get some what clear picture. I believe as you are upgrading it and acquiring only one server, you have to host mail and DB on the same box. If that is the case then probabaly you need additional memory ...
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    Just to give you a idea we have some of the same servers with around 250 sites on them that use about 600 to 800 gig a month without any issues, so the server you spec'ed should be more than enough for what you stated.
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    I have a client that hosts about 500-1000~ websites per server

    Most of his servers are simply celeron 2.6ghz servers with 512mb ram. Some times he gets dual 2.4ghz servers with 1gb ram.

    It completely depends on what the sites will be doing. His sites if I am not mistaken are all real small plain html sites with low traffic each. Of course if they were high usage sites then the server could not handle as much.

    jschurawlow and Besty are also very correct.

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