I'm looking for a reseller account to host 20 sites. All the sites consists of static HTML pages only with SSI (includes). MySQL databases or email accounts are not required.

I just need 50MB disk space along with 5GB bandwidth per month in total for all the sites combined. The biggest requirement is that it should be a reliable hosting provider using cpanel control panel with servers in the USA or Canada.

It appears that most hosting companies these days offer VPS accounts only, while reseller hosting accounts used to be easily available some 2-3 years ago. My requirement is so small that going for VPS looks like an overkill.

I'm using resellerzoom to host some of the sites and I'm tired of the frequent downtimes there. I have considered going for hostgator and paying higher price but there are too many threads here on WHT badmouthing them to ignore. Simplyreseller.com, affordablehost , westhost, allmanaged.com and hostingmatters are few more hosts that are ruled out due to various problems I have had with them in the last 1 year or so.

I'm not looking for quotations from the interested providers but I'm looking for recommendations from the existing customers of the hosting companies. Please share your experience and let me know if there is any host that meets my requirement.