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    Partner needed - file hosting site


    I need a partner for my new web site to be opened following week. It is a one-click file hoster web site. (examples like , etc) There are an increasing number of this kind of web sites, but i have some strategies to attract attention. I have written a custom software from scratch for this web site which supports multiple server environment, progress bars and an affiliate track system. I also have a business plan set ready.

    Software itself costs much more time and investment so for someone who is interested in opening this kind of web site, this is a very good opportunity!

    I need a person to share the risks with me, start up costs are around renting 1 to 5 servers for the first month. It would also be nice for you to be an expert either in programming/technical side (PHP, SQL, Perl, Ajax etc) or marketing/promotion side.

    Due to privacy, i can not enclose much more details about my project, so interested parties please contact me through PM, by sending a small description of yourself and contact information.

    Please do not just write, contact me, i need to know who you are before writing a mail.

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    I might be intersted. I can do promotion and marketing for the site. I have good experince in seo .

    I even have two dedicated server to start so we can just start from word go... then will rent more servers if needed.....

    anyway let me know how much is the investment...

    if you would like to contact me please pm me on yahoo
    my yahoo id is tinu_cares
    and my email is [email protected]

    looking forward for your reply

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    Dear mavidusler (MaviDüşler ),

    I hope you are aware of the last events about, it was closed. Are you fully confident to keep the file hosting service legal?

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    I am sure he wont be offering this service in our country

    Actually I am working on another project too. Maybe looking for someone talking same language in mothertongue with you? :-)

    Hope to hear from you MaviDüşler and (ve ) harzem.

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    That was a local issue as far as i know. My site has a different concept, more like a web based back up solution for people, but with drive sharing ability. I am very confident to fight against any bulk warez activity around my servers.

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    Bumping this thread, as i am still looking for some one. Since, first opening of this thread, i have prepared the site online, and its getting some revenue in. I am looking for people who can do marketing for the site and increase pageviews as well as revenue. Pm me please.

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