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    Question Game Server Control Panel.... which

    I'm starting a Game server company and im searching a good Game Server Control Panel for linux, I found only this:

    any suggestion about this panels ? there are others panels ?

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    It would be better to partner with another game hosting company that offers reselling...I think Art of War Central has a reseller program.

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    Maybe you want to check for:

    They offer the dedicated server with the Game Server Controlpanel and management included. I never used them, but I use Layeredtech for hosting.

    Good luck!
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    cpanel has a free one that's an addon for cpanel check them out

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    tcadmin, also they are developing a modernbill connection

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    Quote Originally Posted by deastwood
    tcadmin, also they are developing a modernbill connection

    We have a modernbill module already. But we don't do linux.

    Here is another one to add to your list though.
    The Game Hosting Control Panel

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    Thanks TCA........ i will analyze it

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    And one more...
    The Game Hosting Control Panel

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    you could also try the cortex gaming control panel. I do not have a direct link but some of the big guys use it.. such as insonia365 and the planets game server dep.

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    Man is there any free ones just for one server. Man I can't see paying out the you know for a control panel to run 1 to 2 games off it

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    Nobody linked to the cPanel Game Addon and I thought i might share.

    I use it and I like it, They update it and they take feedback (They have a voting page...)

    Really easy to install and manage.
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    I use the CPanel Gameserver module. It integrates into cpanel, so clients only need 1 login if they have a hosting package!

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    PLESK 8 has a game server module inluceds counter strike and battlefield

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    The game server does run with a $199 cost

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    best thing with the cpanel gameserver panel, is that it can connect with external servers, so you dont have to run the actual game server from the cpanel server. Just manage it through it. So if you do hosting as well, it's kinda handy!
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    I'd personally reccomend IGN CP as well as, both are very good.

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