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    Question about selling from two sites using PayPal

    I'm creating a business model to sell niche market ebooks. Each ebook has its own URL. A secure digital download program is used to handle PayPal's IPN transaction. Things were falling into place until I realized PayPal only allows one site to be used for IPN.

    Since PayPal's IPN allows only one site creating a hub site to handle all of the transactions seemed like a good solution.

    What solutions are others using?

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    There are some PHP scripts around to handle this.

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    you need setup main IPN php script which will handle all IPN transaction and then redirect all data to right website/shop.

    Or the second solution to open second paypal account.
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    You should include the IPN link in the form post from your website when the user is sent to paypal to make payment.

    Nice and easy. We use the same paypal account to sell goods/services for several different (unrelated) websites this way.
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    I think there's a notify parameter that can be used with PayPal to let PayPal know where the IPN system is located per transaction.
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    You might check out as well to see if they can offer some advice and possible solutions.

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