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    Seeking Hosting Partner

    I am looking to expand the business in new markets. Right now I am a small hosting company with around 25 hosting clients. I know that I can not successfully expand without someone else. By day I am a systems manager/programmer for a government agency. This has been one of my investments since 2001 to run this hosting company. I just don't have the time to run this venture by myself. I am looking for other modivated individual(s) to work with. If you are interested I would like to talk to you via phone/skype to converse more, im open to many ideals.

    My Technical Backgound:
    MS-Anything (Windows 2003, MS-SQL, Sharepoint, Exchange, Visual Studio.NET)
    Programming Languages (ASP, ASP.NET)
    Dable with (XML, PERL, PHP)
    A+, Network+

    AIM: andy44875
    Email: sales (aT) bbdn (d0T) net

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    you have experience in MySQL?

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