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    time freezed on server!

    Linux OS: CentOS 4.3 i686
    Kernel Version(uname -r)
    Hardware Information: dual xeon/4 gb ram/250 X2 sata
    Software Version(if it is a specific peice of software causing problems) : Vbulliten/phpbb
    Control Panel(if any) WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.9.0-C33
    A "ps -auxf" and/or a "top"(if possible)
    vmstat 5 5(if possible)
    Linux Distro and Version
    Log File(s)

    Hi we are running a big board using vbulliten on the above config. at liquidweb, the problem is :

    On Nov 3rd Time stamps for all posts Moved back 12 hours, for no apparent reason.

    And timestamps for posts in one day are messed up as I saw in PHPmyadmin

    now i worte the same thing to the datacentre & got the following reply, which was not very satisfying:



    I apologize for the mess up. We noticed last night that a few dozen servers,
    for whatever reason, decided to change time. We believe it was a Cpanel
    related bug, and have since fixed all the affected servers.

    There isn't a way for us to change the timestamps, however, please let us
    know if you have troubles in the future.




    Is it true that this was some cpanel bug? how can this happen?

    I have servers at other providers also, but didnt face this problem there!
    was this problem specific to liquidweb?

    We lost almost one days posting, had db errors, ad revenue losses due to

    Can anyone tell me what exactly caused this error?

    Thanks a ton in advance.


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    It was a widespread problem caused by cPanel, yes. The second one related to time settings in the span of a couple of weeks, to my knowledge.

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    thanks for the reply, i read it on other forums also, it looks like some cpanel bug & not the datacentre problem

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