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    Question Setting up “Web Hosting Site”


    I think among many other great tutorials, there should be one on “how to design a web hosting site” … So, if anyone is going to make one, do let me know

    Ok, now coming to my problem.

    I have been thinking a lot on how to actually design a website. My site is not entirely going to be a hosting site as I am going to provide hosting with services of a particular script. (I can’t give you more details at this point. Sorry for that)

    I have 2/3 professional hosting templates that can be used for hosting site. But I am not sure if I will be able to integrate everything into it. (Like billing, checking availability of domain, support, etc). Most probably I will be using Clientexec for billing script. (Perhaps it can be used as a support/helpdesk as well) But again, I am not sure if I will be able to integrate it completely within the html pages of the templates.

    From the past few days I have been thinking to use any CMS (Joomla/Mambo/Xoop) as a backed of hosting site. I have used Xoop before and I can easily handle any site with it. But perhaps its not a good option and I might have to consider using Joomla/Mambo. (that means I have to actually spend few days on getting the insight of Joomla) Plus, I also have to get a professional hosting template for it. As I might not be able to port my existing templates into Joomla/mambo. (means more $$)

    Till now, I have been able to change any existing template/script according to my needs. (as you can see on my wallpaper site) I don’t consider myself as a programmer who can build anything from a scratch. My expertise are limited and so is my budget. I cant go to a designer and spend $xxx on website design.

    So, what I want to ask is, do you think its better to use site as plain html (using some template) and try to go integration of support/billing systems into it? Or you think that a web hosting site based on some CMS are equally good?? If you can show me some examples, that will be a great help for me.
    I will appreciate any help that you can give me to keep myself in right direction.

    (Sorry if I am writing to much, wasting your valuable time)
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    start with the functions you need and go from there. For me sounds like you concentrate on the design more than function.

    You probably have to either do it alone, or with a very good friend or pay a professional.
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    Perhaps my post sounds like that but by no means I m giving any preference to design over the functionality. The site should have a decent look but that’s it.

    All what I am saying is, would you recommend me to use simple html template and try to integrate billing & support into it. Or you think that I can use a CMS as a backend site. (Things would become very easy to manage in this way)

    Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this.
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