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    Proxy site for sale, 10,000 visits/month average + revenue!


    I am intrested in selling
    It is a well established 9 months old proxy site with an average of 10,000 visits / month.
    Most of the visits are direct visits and not from other sites.
    The site has made little revenue as well, about 15$ / month without optimizations or seo though when you type "proxymess" in google, it is shown first in the results.
    The site has a great potential if you know how to integrate ads to it...

    *Winner will also receive for free!*

    Accepting offers above 150$
    BIN: 350$

    Thank you!

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    how many daily uniques?

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    About 250 daily uniques

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    Average uniques visits for November so far: 450 / day

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