Previously I use a reseller account to send mailing list with no problem. (200 emails) and after using it, it's so good in delivering email compared to my previous 3rd party autoresponder service I decided to switch.

And I let my friend in to. He has a bigger list (5200+) and when he tried to send
a newsletter (broadcast function) to his list, most of the emails get bouced for "unroutable domain" error.

Worst, he setup a forwarders on that account, so, he not only received thousands of bouced emails, but the account also automatically forward thousands of that bounced emails.

I know definitely he must exceeds the number of required email per hour that can be send. That's why he get the unroutable domain error.

Will using a small VPS for this autoresponder system to send email only will help ease the traffic? Will RAM >100MB will do?

FYI, I use SiteStudio script from Insterspire.

Oh yes, I know.. somebody mention Aweber and the other 3rd party provider.

The problem is, although I can afford the prices, I like to help some of my friends who can't afford it to enjoy a luxury of a good autoresponder system.

The cheaper one just didn't work so great. The delivery rate is worse than using my own server.

Si, I want to know.. by using VPS can I have unlimited number of emails that can be send each hour.

Let me worry about deliverability some other day.

Thanks for the help!

p/s: If you want to suggest some company who allow their vps to be used to host and autoresponder script, it is also welcomed.