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    Hi I just joined

    Our company develops a flash based web design product which is very easy to use even for newbies.

    The product is sold only via Hosting Service Providers, and is designed to be added to any hosting package.

    I have joined this forum and others to ensure I have a good general understanding of the web hosting market place, to keep up to date with developments and add value to other members where I can.

    I am not very technical but know a few people who are so happy to field technical questions if I cam help.


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    Hi Mike,

    Welcome to WHT.
    Please give us more details about your flash product

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    Hi CaroNet
    Most of the detail is on our website which I think you can click through to from my posting, as a newbie here I am not sure of the rules re posting urls etc, so being a bit careful until I know the rules better. If you need more information please send me a pm.
    Have a great weekend

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    Hi Mike,

    Welcome to WHT, you can create a signature with up to 2 url's but to be sure find all rules here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Hensman
    ... being a bit careful until I know the rules better...
    We're gonna get along just fine.

    Hi Mike!

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    Thanks wbpro how does this look

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    sound interesting. I would like to see your product.

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    Hi hpgoodboy
    Feel free just go to the website and try it for free.
    Knock yourself out

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    Did you look at WiseNav

    CaroNet and hpgoodboy
    Did you have a look at our software, I would be interested in your comments.

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