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    * Seeking Hosting Partnership / Opportunities

    Hi talent,

    Thanks for looking in advance.

    To give you an idea of what I exactly need and am open to:

    Partnership: I'm looking for partners who are real trustworthy team workers, residing in the US/UK. You may or may not already own a host. I'm looking for somebody in their 20s preferrably who has the talent in hosting technicality and people skills, well educated.

    I already own a host, but it has grown to the max I can cope with on my own. Revenue is steady. I'm looking for a long term partnership and want to look into going up from a self-employed status.

    I'm hoping with a new partner, expand my striving hosting services, share information, look for new markets and run a professional service. The result will be prosperity!

    Talents have ideas, if you are one please do contact me - May be the start of a very successful and rewarding relationship! Perhaps your hosting service requires another brain/division in the administration?

    Get in touch with me if you get that tingle in your head! Even if you have nothing to say!


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    Hello, I would be intrested in getting some more details i have PMed you

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    i dropped you a PM as well ;)

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    Hi there,

    I am a PA as a profession, and alongside that, I am also a Director of a website hosting/domain registrar company. Iam a big asset to new businesses, as I know how to get businesses into the booming market.

    For example:

    I am one of the top people who made Yahoo, Lycos and Norton Anti-Virus software what it is today.

    Let me know if you still seek the help of a professional.


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