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    Will AMD Sempron 2600 meets my hosting needs

    Guys, I am currently looking for a budget dedicated server hosting and was able to find this over at Server4Sale:

    AMD Sempron 2600
    80GB HD
    1GB RAM
    1200GB BW
    10Mbps Port

    Do you have any experience with a server with such hardware specs running with a VBulletin or IPB? I want to know how many simultaneous connections at a time it can handle without affecting performance much (and of course no crash).

    Also, with a 10Mbps port, will I be able to consume the 1200GB BW?

    Last 2 questions, sorry if too many:

    For harddisk, should I select IDE/SCSI or SATA?

    And for OS, Debian Stable, Fedora Core 4 or CentOS 4.x?

    I am currently running CentOS 4.3 on a VPS with WebMin as my CPanel (I don't have enough money to get a CPanel ) For my next system, I am looking for a dedicated server and I am not sure what to get. Hope you can help.

    Thanks a bunch!

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    For SCSI - you actually have to also choose SCSI drives from the options listed. A similar box we've in the past run 200 users online without issues on a bare bones Apache + MySQL setup. Nothing special. Stick with Webmin to maximize the performance of the system. If you have money spare after the initial base system - choose : SCSI disks. They will come in very handy. If you have even more- upgrade ram.
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    ImZan, thanks very much. I don't realize I will also need SCSI disks (sorry, newbie here). 200 users online is nice. Yup, I will stick with Webmin as I really don't have enough money as of now for any of the control panels available. I think I'll just upgrade to 2GB RAM and an SCSI disk after earning enough from google ads after the first 2 months.

    Thanks very much for the help

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