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    Trying to get RaQ4 as secondary NS

    I have a Master Slave Name Server setup on 2 MS boxes that works fine...using Simple DNS on #1 as the Master and also on #2 as a slave. Records xfer fine.

    I have RaQ4 which is my web server that I ALSO want to use as a 3rd Name Server.

    So I set ithe RaQ up on #1Master as a slave by its IP, and got on the Raq.

    Turned on RaQs DNS, and added a Secondary Name Service for Domain, where I entered my domain (same across all machines) and the IP of the #1 Master.
    Nothing seems to happen!

    I go into the RaQs etc/named and look at the records files (no updates seen on the other files in the folder) ; it shows forwarder1 = #2, fowarder0=#1, axs as the IPs of #3 (firewall and IP), secondary=domain name and #1's IP, and an SOA for #3.
    But no changes or updates show up on #3! No notify....

    Advice please, what am I missing?; Thanks
    H W L

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    goto RaQ #1 (master) admin gui (http://whatever/admin)
    click on control panel
    click on "Domain Name System (DNS) Server" Parameters...
    in the upper right pull down menu select "Server Settings"...
    enter the ip of the Secondary Server (Repeat for additional servers) to the "Zone Transfer Access" box.
    Click on save changes and then save changes to DNS server..

    Now the Master will allow Zone Transfers

    Also.. make sure the domain soa record on the "Master" has all your nameservers listed.

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