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    Myspace links available. HUGE Traffic

    Selling quality text links on a very popular Myspace related site. Getting an average of 60,000 daily visitors this month, over 50,000 daily visitors average last month. These links are placed in the middle of the navigation column, not stuffed down the footer.

    Only 10 spots available.

    "G" rated sites accepted only.

    Top ad - $500 per month, $140 per week
    Second ad: $450 per month, $125 per week
    Third ad: $400 per month, $110 per week *sold for this week*
    Fourth ad and beyond: $350 per month, $95 per week *sold for this week, fifth spot and beyond available*

    If you can afford the price then don't think about it twice. Payment via paypal. PM me for url and stats.

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    What's the URL ?


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    What's the url?
    Any proof of traffic?
    Server logs?

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