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    VPS is good choice?

    Hi, i want upgrade my reseller acount to VPS or Dedicated server . I have 60 websites but my Webhosting companie say that VPS is not good choice and say "if you plan to host more then 1-5 sites on vps.1 with php and mysql it will not work good, because services will fail" . It's True?

    The VPS is :Equal Share of CPU
    • 15 GB of Disk Space
    • 500 GB of Bandwidth
    • 256 MB of Memory
    • 2 IP Addresses
    • Cpanel/WHM Included
    • SCSI Drives w/ RAID 5
    • Free Fantastico, RVSkin, ClickBe
    $50 per Month.

    The VPS is cheaper then Dedicated server. This VPS is not good? What the my webhosting companie say's is true?

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    This depends on the following:

    a) How much the VPS host you are with oversells their servers and how much the servers are therefore overloaded...
    b) How well your VPS is optimized and tweaked in terms of Apache, PHP, etc.
    c) How well the configuration is on your VPS host's end in terms of software..e.g. bad Virtuozzo configuration can cause problems.
    d) How well the hardware is suited to VPS hosting. e.g. RAID 5 doesn't cut it if the node is doing lots of writes (and it will when put under load). Look for RAID 10.

    Are some high performance VPS hosts that come to mind.

    Just like in a shared hosting market, there are high performance, serious hosts, and also hosts that heavily overload their servers and offer ridiculous pricing. You need to pick the former.
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    What you should remember is every webhost oversells, but some of them who are already big in business maintains quality of service, they will not let you down as often as new webhosts let you down.

    Whenever you go with a webhost do read all terms and Products's services.

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    is every webhost oversells
    True. But they don't agree.

    they will not let you down as often as new webhosts let you down.
    They can put you in trouble.

    A VPS, which cannot support atleast 100 sites (unless most of them have 50,000 user forums), they don't worth it.

    A VPS which says 1-5 web hosts they can support, better not to go to them.

    It's all about how may users log in at a time in a server, whether it's reseller, or VPS or dedicated.

    You need to check, whether you have sites which log in 100,000 users at a time. Then, you should go for a dual core with at leat 4GB RAM. VPS is not for you.

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    You should look for a provider who offer you:
    -> Non-Oversell Guarantee
    -> Burstable RAM
    -> DDoS protection (with a 100Mbits line your vps can consume 44GB per hour in case of attack)
    -> Don't run Cpanel on a 256MB RAM VPS since Cpanel will consume it without any site running

    Talk with your clients, if you can migrate to another control panel like directadmin everything will be faster.

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