Has anyone had the chace to view dreamersi.net hosting plans?

February 19, 2002

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. announces its updated version of "Homepage Wizard" for DreamersI.net hosting service.

BELLEVUE, WA February 19, 2002- Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. announces the release of an upgraded version of "Homepage Wizard "beginning on March 8, 2002. "Homepage Wizard 2" will be a free feature of DreamersI.net (an email and web-hosting service with browser-based management tools starting from $35.00 per month). Homepage Wizard 2 will enable users the ability to create websites without any prior HTML knowledge.

Upgraded features are as followed:

Setup copyright information automatically.
Setup Meta Tag for Search Engine registrations.
Expanded functions on page composition menu, such as:
Welcome page
Access Map
Introduction of the company
Product list
Job listing
Press Room
Multiple BBS
Multiple Guest Book
Ability to activate and deactivate On/Off Menu
Freedom to customize menu names and links to HTML files set by FTP
By signing-up for DreamersI.net hosting service, users will be able to create websites using the above features without prior knowledge of HTML. Thereby, saving the thousands of dollars typically associated with the cost of developing a website.

Pacific Software Publishing is located in Bellevue, Washington. The company strives to provide innovative language software, web hosting, application service engines, and Internet development tools. For more information please visit http://www.pspinc.com or call (425) 957-0808.