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    Help upgrading spamassassin from 2.64 to latest version

    Hi All,
    It's been a long time since I've posted here .

    I inherited this system. It's being used as an anti-spam gateway and sits in front of our exchange server. I've been reading the upgrade doc on the SpamAssassin website, but it did not answer any of my questions. SpamAssassin was not installed using apt, it was compiled and installed manually.

    How can I upgrade my outdated version of SpamAssassin to something current?

    Can I use' apt-get install spamassassin 'to upgrade it?

    If not, can I use apt to upgrade the perl modules, and then download the spamassassin source, compile and install?

    Is an 'upgrade' really just installing a newer version over the spamassassin-2.64 version?

    I'm running:
    Debian 3.0
    Kernel 2.4.25


    Thanks for any guidance - It's a production server and I want to get some opinions before I try anything on it.
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