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    American GPRS providers?

    Ok, heres the story..

    I am from the UK and have a PDA with voice & unlimited data from T-Mobile. I was told by T-Mobile that I could use my GPRS allowance anywhere and not be charged extra.

    Used it for over 2 weeks when in the states.. Got home, got the invoice from T-mobile running around 280 for that month. My plan is just a tad over 40/month .

    Got it straightened out with T-Mobile (thank god!) as it was their employees fault for giving wrong information.

    So now, for next time I go over to the states.. I need a GPRS provider.

    Is there somewhere I can order GPRS for a month and get the username and passwords and just connect, and be billed a flat rate?

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    t-Mobile has GPRS here, but I don't know if they do GPRS on pre-paid plans.

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    Cingular has their Edge/GPRS network here,
    They sell just data plans, I think the PDA plan is $40/month, burstable up to 214kb/s(On their edge network)
    Might want to ask this question at the other forums im at,

    Good luck,


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