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    Looking for a site where people write about themselves

    Sometime in the past week, I read about a site where people can write about themselves to counter other information and misinformation about them online. I think it was in a newsletter, but I've gone through the ones I've read recently, and I can't find it.

    The description about this site covered how prospective employers and dates often do searches on prospective employees and dates, and how what comes up in searches for people's names isn't always flattering. At this site, people can have a page about themselves with what they want people to find when people do searches for their names.

    I thought it was an interesting idea but didn't look at the site because it wasn't anything I needed. Now, I'd like to tell someone I know about that site (no, it's not for me ). Has anyone heard of it?

    Or if you don't know about this site, how do the social networking sites out there work for getting your name at or near the top of search results? If you had a friend who was web illiterate and who wanted to tell her story online instead of chasing after lies about her, what site would you recommend? I know she could start her own site or blog, but she just needs one page and probably won't update it. If it's at an established site, it'll do better in search engine results than if it's one page on its own.

    Thanks for any help,
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    I hate those sites....

    They're good for nothing in my opinion.

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