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    v.6 Released - Free Video Script - SELF UPDATED

    Hey Guys.

    We have just released v.6 of our Free Video Script. (For those first reading) We are offering a FREE script that will update everyday automatically with NEW videos, giving you a self updated video script with NO work, and best of all FREE.

    V.6 has had some changes. Along with the most the forum and demo both have been redesigned.

    Here are some of the changes:

    1) random boxes on the index, category, play pages changed to using RAND()
    2) header dropdown moved the PHP to a seperate file
    3) header category list moved to seperate file
    4) install.php written
    5) tossed in a blog/link code that selects itself
    6) Seperated Random movies box from play_content and doing the same with index_content
    7) cleaned up rating.php and checked some more on the rating bug.
    8) Making the forums theme the default
    9) Couple places that still say Games have been fixed
    10) Advanced caching system phase 1 is now in place. Things like the stats are now being cached to the filesystem. Reduces query count
    11) Restructured the DB and wrote upgrade.php for V.5 users.
    12) Updated import.php and our export scripts to be able to filter out some adult content that comes through.

    To see the demo visit:

    To visit the forums for support visit:

    To Download:

    This script will also run different ways. You do not have to use this script alone. This script will:

    - Run alone on it's own domain
    - Configured to intergrate with Gamescript
    - Configured to intergrate with PHPAS

    More info on configuring with Gamescript, or PHPAS can be found at:

    More changes are soon to come, so make sure to keep checking back.

    Thats all for now.

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    pretty good, being a free script. Its small, so i suppose it doesnt have a complex design. Looking forward to test it

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    Pretty good script, especially that its free, thanks

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    were do the videos update from?

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